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Diving guide - Reefteach scuba diving course accommodation - self catering Guest House accommodation Sodwana Bay, underwater dive sites marine life, reef diving, underwaterDiving courses - Reefteach scuba diving course accommodation - self catering Guest House accommodation Sodwana Bay, underwater dive sites marine life, reef diving, underwater


Phil and Elaine Heemsta are based at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity in Grahamstown, and they have collaborated on numerous scientific publications. They co-authored Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa and Elaine was responsible for all the drawings in the book. Phil is a leading international authority on marine fishes and was co-editor (with Margaret Smith) of the comprehensive Smiths Sea Fishes. As Phil and Elaine are scientific divers, they have done several fish survey expeditions together and work as an effective team in the field as well as in the laboratory. This is what they have to say.

You can't do better than Reefteach for a knowledgeable introduction to Sodwana fishes and the ecology of the KZN coastal ecosystem.

Reefteach the fish and many other reef animals personally, where to find them, their behaviour, and how best to observe them. The Reefteach philosophy is a great way to learn more about reef ecology and get more out of your diving experiences. Diving with the RFeefteach team opens up a whole new world of fascinating creatures and their interactions.  We still have much to learn about our wonderful marine biodiversity.  RFeefteach  are helping us learn more about the world underwater and its inhabitants.

We look forward to our next dives and learning experience with Reefteach.

Dennis King is one of South Africas most prominent underwater photographers. He has made many photographic contributions to scientific publications, books and magazines, has documented many new fish distributional records, and in particular was responsible for discovering Apolemichthys kingi, an angelfish new to science and named after him. He is the author of Reef Fishes and Corals and co-author of More Reef Fishes and Nudibranchs. This is what he has to say:

To dive with Reefteach is an unforgettable and educational experience! Their knowledge of marine life and passion for fish, together with the friendly atmosphere and the safe diving makes Reefteach indeed exceptional.

It is a dive experience to be enjoyed by all, whether you are young, old, experienced or a beginner, Reefteach will make you feel welcome in their large comfortable shelter on the beach and together with the rest of the friendly and competent Reefteach team will do everything possible to ensure you have a memorable dive.

Reefteach will do his utmost to show you the special creatures that live on the many reefs they frequent and know so well, which makes your dive a fascinating and unique experience.

Especially for photographers, who are not easy to please, their patience and interest and understanding are a great help. Nothing is too much effort for Reefteach who make their divers feel special and return home with smiles on their faces with a promise to be back soon!